Hulk Guest Appearances – Volume 12: Black Panther (Volume 2) #15


Hulk’s contribution in this issue is very brief – even though he appears on the cover.  The interaction between the Hulk and Black Panther is so brief – in fact the real hero stopping the Hulk is Queen Divine Justice by basically berating him.  Making the Hulk realize the real enemy isn’t who he thinks it is at all.  I guess manipulation could be a certain type of mind control but the Hulk just swaps personal property with government owned property.  All in all, good move.  Hulk’s gotten into enough trouble  he doesn’t need a trip to Judge Judy with a small claims suit to be on his plate.


Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname Yes
Hero vs. Hero Yes
“Hulk Smash!” Yes

The most memorable part of the issue might be Hulk’s very Un-PC nickname for T’Challa:


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