This is going to be Epic!


With this art just released of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok I am getting more and more excited for the third installment of the Thor series!  I keep thinking about the Hulk merchandise we’re going to get!

Click on the image for the link!


6 responses to “This is going to be Epic!

  1. Hey Ryan-how are ya?-Sorry I missed your NJ trip,Hopefully next time-this poster looks awesome!!! and I’m really getting pumped up for the movie-BUT like you said-CAN”T WAIT FOR THE MERCHANDISE!!! Everything from Marvel Legends to Hot Toys!!!!Keep posting and talk to ya soon!-Mike

  2. …what did you think of Doctor Strange ?

  3. Just saw strange yesterday – finally – and thought it was brilliant! Did you see it in 3-D?

    • Yep -it had to be seen in 3D.. Where did you find the Hulk Beanie?…I gotta get one!

      • Local toy shop – but I’ve seen them at the supermarket too. Wherever TY is sold… Let me know if you’re having trouble tracking one down.

  4. Thanks I will-I’m going to check out a Hallmark store not to far from where I work-I think they carry TY’s.

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