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The Aftermath Realization: A Year’s Worth of Cringe Worthy Hulk Moments – Week 50


We’ve heard it over and over again from comic enthusiasts – in all the times the Hulk has gone on a rampage he has had to kill innocent people.  Hulk fans will tell you that he hasn’t.  Many writers, including the writers and director of the Avengers movie, claimed that – even the Hulk at his angriest – he has always directed his anger to unpopulated areas.  He has a human side that keeps him from putting people in harm’s way.  Well in the Ultimate Universe we are served a very different Hulk.  The Hulk goes on a rampage and at the end it is quite obvious that Banner was never in control.


Faced with an innocent face and unconscious mother Banner reverts back to the 90 pound weakling and looks as horrified as anyone when he sees the damage.  Faced with what his other half has done he runs off crying but finds no compassion from the witnesses.  Banner finally had to face the sad truth of what happens when he lets his emotions overtake him.