Daily Archives: December 13, 2016

Metal Die Cast Hulk (2016)


There are a few of these new metal pieces out there – haven’t seen the smaller of the two but this larger one is very cool.  The detail in the sculpt isn’t as intricate as they make the plastic figures but still decent in their own right.  The stylized large head and small body can sometimes go astray but this figure makes that look work.


There is absolutely no articulation in any joint – including the waist or head – so it must be displayed with the intent of a small statue.  They based this version from the Age of Ultron Hulk with the fancy pants – not my personal choice but we always live with what we get.  There is a bit of battle damage to this guy, if you consider dirt and or smoke stains “battle damage”.  I have yet to see the Hulkbuster in this line but from what I’ve been told it’s about the same size.



The back of the figure is unfortunately filled with screw holes and they are an eyesore but not many people display the figure with the back showing so it’s not a big deal.  The variant figures from this line do come in different poses so it’s easy to differentiate.  I’d really like to find the metal Hulk/Thor 2-pack.