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Marvel Legends Dormammu BAF (2016)


I saw Dr Strange, finally, last week.  I was able to watch it in 3D – a must if you have the chance – and it was amazing.  Yes, it was one of the better Marvel movies to be released under the Marvel banner for a while.  This was better than AoU, better than IM3, better than even Ant-Man!  Okay – it wasn’t better than Civil War but I would argue that it was on par.  The Dr Strange figures released have both classic and movie characters that any fan should be clamoring for… as for me?  I was all set with most of the releases – hardly any of them had ties with the Hulk – but it was the BAF I was most interested in!


Before I even mention this figure, yes, I am aware of the SDCC variant.  It has a slightly different color scheme – especially with the skulls he is holding – but I was fine with just getting the BAF.  I did want a Dormammu seeing as he was a main antagonist of the Defenders and the last release wasn’t as impressive.  I still love it – but here’s my Marvel History “The Dark Side” figure:


The BAF is obviously a step up and I have no real complaints with anything – including the articulation and paint-ups – the only real issue is that the secondary prices don’t reflect the amount it takes to purchase the whole line of figures.  I mean, it makes it better/easier for the buyers out there now.  You can snag a Dormammu BAF for about $60-$80.  Buying the whole line means you’re shelling out $120+.  As a big believer in keeping sales with brick and mortar stores it’s a hard pill to swallow.