2 Ft. Stuffed Hulk (2016)


I will try to post all of the other gamma goodness I was able to snag in 2016 – but in fairness, 2016 was a really tough year!  I am focusing on saving to replace some of the more missed pieces from my collection – mostly the comics I had to let go of – so a lot of my funds have been diverted to that.  I still have taken a lot of suggestions from friends and the people who post on this site – thanks for the emails!  One friend in particular has been essential in keeping me up to date on new Hulk goodness – so a special thank you goes out to Gammapup, aka Mike, who texts me some great pics of the new Hulk merch he finds.

One of the more fun pieces is this stuffed 2 foot monstrosity that truly catches the attention of anyone who sees it.  I noticed the Captain America and Iron Man stuffed figures as well – but none of those are even close to as cool as this is!  I think the stuffed Hulks with plastic molded heads are way cooler than Hulks that are completely plush – this is no exception!  I even enjoy the title “Jumbo Hulk” for no other reason than it makes me laugh.  Who else out there got this?



2 responses to “2 Ft. Stuffed Hulk (2016)

  1. I will confess I also picked one up about two months ago when I found him at TRU, and they’ve not had any in store here since (but he is available on their website, last I looked). I mean, c’mon, how can you be a Hulk fan, see this awesomely huge figure staring at you in the aisle, and not take him home?

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