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Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know… (2016)


Some of these Marvel Encyclopedias are immensely helpful and thorough… that being said – this is not one of them.  One of these major exclusions from the pages of this book are the series and issue numbers of where these characters, battles and team-ups happened.  As it is if you DO happen to find something interesting in here you’ll have to do your own research to find out where this appeared.  It’s such a disappointing omission that I really don’t even suggest getting this book.  In fact, the only reason I was given this book was because of the obviously amazing cover!  Granted it is the best part of the whole thing – but the book isn’t completely useless – it’s just… how can I put this delicately?  Generic.  Did anyone else out there get this book?  Was anyone else sort of let down with the fact that they mentioned certain fights or events but never even bothered to cite it with what issues you could find them in?  I can’t be the only one…