Daily Archives: January 13, 2017

Metal Die Cast Hulk (2016)


When I mentioned finding the larger version at TRU a while back a few people chimed in and told me to check out Walgreens as a possible other place selling these little chunks of metal.  Well, as I always do, I took the good advice and found the little 4″ Hulk at my local shop.  Sadly, this is the only reason for me to go in – as I do not shop at Walgreens… like ever. I’m not against the shop I just really have no reason to go in – but I may need to make it a regular stop as I know Walgreens now carries exclusive Marvel Legends and POP figures.  Like the Agent Venom I bought – or a few other pieces I will have to show off in the coming weeks!


These figures, like the larger versions, are inarticulated hunks of metal that look cool when displayed from their packaging – but not much else can be done with it.  They are essentially tiny statues – which still look cool with their stylistic sculpt.  This version has a slightly different stance and does not appear to have the “battle damage” the other figure had.  I enjoy these pieces – there is also a new Dr Strange piece I am considering because of the fantastic look to it.  Like I said, they don’t do much but look cool – then again, we don’t them to do much beyond that!