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The Incredible Hulk Game with the Fantastic Four (1978)


The Hulk has had quite a few games released in the 70s and 80s.  This a prime example of one of the more entertaining.  If you have liked the Facebook page then you’ve already seen pics of my daughter and I enjoying an afternoon of playing – but here is a closer look at the whole set.  The game board is a maze that sort of reminds me of Trivial Pursuit, as in, you can go anywhere on the board, but you’re actively trying to avoid running into the Hulk.


Each game piece is a character of the Fantastic Four – you choose who you want to be – and in turn, pretty much everyone is the Hulk.  Basically the Hulk moves with you.  You pick either a Dr. Banner or Hulk card and that sort of decides your fate of what happens next.  If you are able to make Dr. Banner’s face from the Dr. Banner cards that means you’ve tamed the beast and won the game.  No lie – it’s super frustrating when you keep getting the same side of his face over and over.


One of the unique advantages of the game I possess is that the Hulk’s  extra arm on the spinner has never been used or even separated from the original card.  Overall, this was a super fun game and my daughter and I enjoyed it immensely.  If you’re in the mood for some vintage board game fun I would say this is certainly worth the pick up!