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Brodie Bruce from Mallrats (2016)


Here is a non-Hulk Thursday, comin’ at ya with some SMODCAST goodness!  1994 Was a great year, not just for me personally but for movies music and everything in between.  It was the year the world was introduced to the wit of Kevin Smith.  Granted his humor has changed over the years and become more Cheech and Chong but in the beginning the man was all about telling tales through snappy dialogue and ferocious banter.  Clerks was released to a wild buzz and the follow up was a much maligned and truly underrated classic called Mallrats.  If you haven’t seen the movie you are doing yourself a disservice.



Two dumped slackers spend the day at the mall running into a cast of characters including Stan Lee.  My favorite, by far, is Brodie Bruce who has a decidedly selfish approach to life.  But try telling the man he’s wrong.  The character dates, gets dumped and wins back his girl in the span of 90 minutes all while holding a Dixie cup of soda.


The figure has all the amenities just mentioned but also includes his Sega controllers, a big cookie and even the chocolate covered Pretzel.  For those of you in the know – the pretzel is a must with any Brodie Bruce figure!  The only disappointment was the exclusion of his signature shirt.  From the ad that comes with it the shirt is on the minimates figure – just not here – which is a bit odd.