Hulk #1 – Euro Foil Variant (2012)


This Italian version of Jason Aaron’s reboot of Hulk #1 was just too beautiful to let it sit on eBay.  I just had to snatch it up – I mean, look at it!  Yes, Silvestri’s Hulk is not the perfect representation – and he had quite a difficult time selling the original art for an astronomical price – but this is a great cover enhanced by the foil!  This variant contains not only the first issue of the Hulk but also Marvel’s Point One, Defenders #1 and (Red) Hulk #42.  It’s a monster for sure but also includes all the variant covers to the issue inside.  Seeing variants like this from across the pond is so beautiful – it’s a shame they don’t release books like this here!


I will be featuring a video today, Tuesday,on the FB page for this blog – if you haven’t liked the page yet you totally should!


3 responses to “Hulk #1 – Euro Foil Variant (2012)

  1. I had been watching this on ebay and meant to go back and buy it, but life got busy and I forgot about it. Glad to see it went to you. That is a gorgeous cover.

  2. Where do I buy this?!! I can’t find it anywhere and I WANT!

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