Schleich Hulk Figure (2017)


A while back Schleich produced some DC figures that were really impressive.  At the time I was hoping to see a Marvel line in the vain.  Sure enough, while perusing the TRU website I was excited to notice that Schleich was doing just that!  Of course the pic on the website looked a bit – better produced – but really, this is not much different than what is shown.  It is absolutely beautiful!  It’s also humongous – which was a welcome surprise!  I was expecting a somewhat smaller scale but this is almost as large as the Bowen Mini-Statues!


I know the rocky base on Hulk figures may be getting tired (one of the reasons I still appreciate the Marvel Milestones Hulk statue base) but it still works!  I ordered this last Monday and it came on Saturday – I checked the website again it said it was sold out already!  Not sure if it still says that but I was shocked as these haven’t seemed to hit the stores yet!



It is somewhat funny to me though… these days the only way to visit the classic, savage Hulk is to see him in figure and collectible form – not even the comics.  It doesn’t seem that Marvel is too antsy in releasing Totally Awesome Hulk products… yet that character continues to adorn the shelves.  Overall, look for these figures to be hitting the toy shelves very soon and snag one as soon as you can!




4 responses to “Schleich Hulk Figure (2017)

  1. Hey Ryan-how are you?…I knew that this HULK was coming out and I’ve been checking several TRU’s but no luck-then I saw your post,checked TRU website and it was back in stock so I just ordered it-looks like a cool figure-I’ll let you know when it arrives-Take care-Mike

    • I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, man – its pretty awesome!

    • I learned out about these a couple months ago while searching the web, then saw an ad in a comic book a few weeks back that they would be available at TRU in February. I went this past weekend and found it in store here in Wisconsin, so keep an eye out. Hopefully they will continue to make more characters than the initial 5 offered; it would be nice to have a villain to pose with Hulk.

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