Daily Archives: February 9, 2017

New Marvel Legends Icon Hulk on the way!


I have been waiting to hear about the release of a Hulk from this series for some time – and we finally have the news!  Make sure to click on the image for the link and read all about it!  Thanks to Josh who let me know about it on the Facebook page!


Over Sized Dorbz Rocket Raccoon (2015)


I have to confess – I prefer the Dorbz figures over the Pop figures that everyone else seems to be going crazy over.  I know that there is a Pop figure for… well, pretty much everything over the sun.  Even Sixteen Candles.  Who was looking for Sixteen Candles collectibles?  Apparently, someone.  I enjoy the Dorbz better – mainly because they remind me of the Mighty Muggs and they do not sport the bobblehead feature that the Pop figures do.


This is the XL Rocket Dorbz so it stands an impressive 6″ – just as a size comparison regular Dorbz are half that size.  I only have a few Dorbz figures but I was able to snag this one for a song as it was being clearanced out at Barnes and Noble.