Catching Up With 2.22.17


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack.  What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

Unworthy Thor: Current Issue – #4 Issue #4 was a slugfest not to be missed! With Odinson closing in on the new Mjolnir but hot on his heels are Thanos’ lackeys and the Collector who is not willingly going to let anyone take something of his!  Will Thor be able to lift this new hammer?  What made him so unworthy in the first place?  Questions will be answered and if you’re not reading it you are missing out!

So far: A

Venom: Current Issue – #4 This is easily one of the books I enjoy picking up the most.  Venom, for years now, has been kept under control with Flash Thompson as his host.  Flash, using the immense power of the symbiote, was able to become a hero.  With a taste of what it’s like to be one of the good guys suddenly it is at odds with his new host, Lee Price, who is a revels in the violence he causes.  It is easily one of the best books on the shelves right now playing with the dynamics of the symbiote/host relationship and who really controls who in that relationship.

So far: A

Hulk: Current Issue – #3 We still have no idea if Jen Walters can turn.  We’ve seen her eyes go green a few times but yet to see a full Hulk-out.  Her client, Maise, has a big bad something helping her and killing anyone she perceives as a threat.  This will come into play soon, I think, but the real question is will readers still be on the hook to find out?  This series could really use a pick up as the story is just crawling along.

So far: C+

Thanos: Current Issue – #4 Thanos has to deal with his own mortality.  Not only that but he’s also facing the fact that his son wants to kill him.  In the latest issue we see Thane’s journey – and even get a quick peek into Thanos’ bleak future.  Of course, if you know Thanos, it’s never that easy…

So far: A

Infamous Iron Man: Current Issue – #5 We know nothing of Doom’s family – until now.  Doom’s mother has come out of hiding to tell her son how much she is proud of him.  Of course, Doom isn’t all that interested in hearing anything but where she has been all these years.  Grimm is okay – which is a relief after last issue left him literally falling to pieces.  The final page of the current issue has kicked this series into overdrive!  Another Marvel series that is gearing up to be a classic!

So far: B+

If anything people might want to pick up the latest variant on Hulk #3.  It is a Joe Jusko classic Hulk in one of the most iconic poses.  This was the most exciting thing on the entire new release rack!  Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?


2 responses to “Catching Up With 2.22.17

  1. Hey Ryan-I’m with you on VENOM-it’s probably one of Marvel’s best titles right now (in my opinion)…Still looking forward to MAN-THING in March…hope you review that title-take care!-Mike

    • I will definitely be picking that up! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Venom too – it’s easily the comic I look forward to buying the most each month

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