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Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket and Tiny Groot (2016)


Isn’t it hilarious that everything Marvel now reflects the movies… well, all but the actual freaking comics!  But this figure was sitting in the shelves of TRU and beckoned to come home with me.  I have most of the Rocket figures that have been made and this rodent will always have a home in the Hulk room since he debuted in the Hulk series.  I have yet to watch the cartoon but I had pretty much given up on all of Marvel cartoons after the disaster that was Hulk: and the Agents of SMASH.


This Sounds Amazing!


Okay – I have not bought a Hulk or Wolverine comic off the new release rack in over a year – but I am all over this!  Deodato as the artist too?  What is it, my birthday?  Maestro vs Old Man Logan!  Click on the image above to be brought to the article!