This Sounds Amazing!


Okay – I have not bought a Hulk or Wolverine comic off the new release rack in over a year – but I am all over this!  Deodato as the artist too?  What is it, my birthday?  Maestro vs Old Man Logan!  Click on the image above to be brought to the article!



2 responses to “This Sounds Amazing!

  1. godzillakungfu

    You aren’t missing much, but Old Man Logan is actually a really good series. It is the only series I currently enjoy from Marvel. I hope they tell a good story though because Old Man Logan is slower and some waht weaker. No WAY could he hang with the Maestro.

    • I agree – Hulk should easily destroy him – I just hope it’s written well!

      Better than the Old Man Logan Annual which I thought ended abruptly.

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