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Hulk Guest Shots – Volume 15

This might be a bit of cheating but there are Hulk appearances that consist of just one panel – or a page.  Here are two such instances – one that I love and one I felt cheated on having to buy just to add to the collection.


First up: Fantastic Four #133 where Thundra has taken to getting the Thing to battle her.  As news spreads of the impending fist-to-cuffs multiple heroes weigh in:



But the Hulk’s thoughts are my favorite!  Don’t be shocked if you notice this moment in the year of confusion!


Thunder Clap No
Mind Control Nope
Funny Nickname Actually, YES!
Hero vs. Hero Not the Hulk – but yes
“Hulk Smash!” No

Seeing as this was just a panel in an entire issue I will also offer up another series that did not really have much to do with the Hulk but still has a quick glimpse of everyone’s favorite jade jaws!  It’s Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1.


This shot really adds nothing to the story or offers more insight to why the Hulk appears – but there it is.