Daily Archives: March 9, 2017

Congrats Louie!


Is it alright to call him Louie?  Listen, I’m not going to call him that to his face but on my little blog… All bets are off!  Click on the link for more info but ultimately, Lou was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame!


Toy vs Toy Thursday!


For non-Hulk Thursday I am going to discuss the BAF Juggernaut (on the right) and the Marvel Select (on the left… obviously) figure.  Now, really we should just stop comparing the two lines because Marvel Select is just a more impressive, better quality line than the Marvel Legends line.  That’s not to say that Marvel Legends isn’t a great line in itself – but compared to Marvel Select – I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t hold a candle.


ML Juggy comes in the pieces of the X-Men line.  Wile it is a fun figure and worth picking up the truth is that the weight of the figure is so, oddly, light.  It doesn’t look like it should be – but it is.  The bright colors are also an odd choice whereas you can see the dark wash they put on the MS Juggernaut makes the figure really pop.  In fact, the only aspect that the ML figure holds over the MS figure is the face sculpt is way better on the ML one.  That being said, the head doesn’t seem to match up with the smoothness of the rest of the figure.  So all the work they put into the head sculpt is somewhat a waste when you see the figure as a whole.


Like I said, the ML Juggernaut is not a bad figure – truthfully, if you can’t find the MS Juggy then by all means, track down the ML figure.  Since both figures are pretty comparable in price it’s really up to you, the buyer.  For my money, though, no one compares to the large, heavy hitting figures when Marvel Select throws their hat into the ring.