Brady and Gronk POP! Figures (2016)

IMG_0479 (2)

Being a prideful New Englander I will always stand by my guys – the Pats are dynasty and in a league all their own.  I know much of the rest of the country may hate us but, let’s get real here, it’s because jealousy never sits well in anyone’s gut.  I will lay it all out for you – and I’m not looking for a debate here – fair warning – but I don’t think Brady is guilty of doing anything wrong.  Deflategate was just another delusion that haters want to cling to for a reason that we are unstoppable!

Enough gloating… actually, these figures were gifted to me by my beautiful wife after our last Superbowl win.  A win, I might add, that was not an easy grab!  The Falcons brought everything they had to the game and good for them – I just feel like they lost steam in the second half.  But man, what a win!  I was out of my seat and jumping all over the place – I seriously could not contain myself.  For all the fans of this blog you know I don’t mention the Pats often – but I’m making a exception this time… because this is our year to gloat, baby!


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