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TRU Exclusive Evolution of Groot (2017)

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The first time they offered a Groot figure to us you had to collect every Guardians of the Galaxy figure just to build it.  That means you had to buy the funky Iron Man no one wanted.  You had to buy the Nova – which is actually fine because it’s an awesome character and figure.  But you needed to buy Drax and Gamora – whether you wanted to buy them or not – too bad!  You want the awesome Groot figure?  Then shell out the money for figures you don’t even want to buy!  That, of course is the bane of every collector who wants the Build a Figures.  The good news is: Toys R Us has come to the rescue!

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TRU is offering a new Groot with an added bonus of tiny Groots!  I was psyched to see they included the adult, small and potted Groot all in one package – and the best part is that the adult Groot sports a new head sculpt!  Originally the Groot figure had a more stoic face.  You couldn’t tell what that giant living tree was thinking.  Here he is very pleased.  I can’t tell you what would make Groot this happy but his face makes everything seem better.

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The real extra in this package – the reason I picked this up in the first place – was the two tiny baby Groots they supplied.  I shouldn’t say baby – one of a “baby” I guess, the other is a toddler.  Either way, this set is worth the price tag.  Pick this up today!

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