WildCATs Daemonite (1994)

IMG_0516 (2)

Truthfully, early Image did not really have much as far great reading for me.  I loved Spawn and I loved WildC.A.T.S.  I had yet to really indulge in the brilliance of Savage Dragon.  Of course, as most of us know, WildC.A.T.S. didn’t last through the years – but I still think the original team had a ton of potential.  Grifter was great, as well as VooDoo and Zealot.  Ultimately, even Alan Moore couldn’t keep the readers with the title was cancelled.  Reboots didn’t fare much better – but I still remember the original dozen or so issues was a blast.

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I remember when the figures hit shelves back in 1994 and how excited I was to snag the only figure I thought looked cool enough to buy – the Daemonite.  His four eyes and four arms – including the two stubby T-Rex arms – as well as the rows of sharp teeth that reminded me of Critters – everything was perfect for an evil villain type.  Well, on my trip to NJ in March I came across this figure at Zapp Comic Con for a fantastic $2.  Money well spent!  This figure should be on everyone’s shelves!

IMG_0516 (3)

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