Daily Archives: April 26, 2017

Selling Hulk Villains Wednesday

Sometimes when searching through ebay you can find some genuinely cool custom made stuff.  I don’t usually dabble into purchasing custom figures or statues but far be it for me to deny others!  Below is an auction for the Space Parasite from The Incredible Hulk #103.  I doubt Marvel Legends will ever get around  making this figure themselves – so if you want it, move fast!  Its ending soon!


Moving on… we have a figure of a character I would LOVE to gin the 12″ scale – but we will probably have to settle for the 6″ figure we got in the 2nd series from the 2008 movie.  Although, this one is more classic style while the official release is more influenced from the video game.


Click on either of the images to be brought to  auctions!  Happy bidding!