Doomsday Superman (2016)

IMG_0523 (2)

I will always love the Death of Superman as the event happened just as I was beginning to collect. The fervor to grab an issue was so exciting and has never been duplicated.  The excitement, anyways.  When DC introduced the Multiverse figures I was excited to snag one.  I showed off the Doomsday before – not the classic Doomsday figure – but still, worth picking up.  The funny thing is, I can still remember asking a friend for a ride to the comic shop that day – traffic getting out of school was always horrible but he drove me most of the way and we were dead stopped on the main road.  I told him that it was cool and hopped out in the middle of traffic.  It was killing me not to be at the shop already and getting my poly-bagged copy of Superman #75.

When I arrived at the shop a man walked in right before me.  He walked up to the new release rack and grabbed every copy of the Death of Superman off the shelf and went and bought it.  No joke – every. single. copy.  We’re talking about at least 50 copies.  I was bummed out and must have had a distraught look on my face.  When Elise, the woman behind the counter, saw me she said – “No worries hun, we have plenty in the back room.  How many copies you need?”



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