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Cosmic Silver Surfer and Pip the Troll (1998)

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Time travel would be amazing – if there were restrictions on being able to travel only in your won lifetime I would seriously consider the later 90’s.  Specifically, 1996 when Marvel decided to create a whole slew of new animated series including the Fantastic Four, Hulk (of course), and the Silver Surfer.  None of these shows fared all that well with the Surfer’s show only lasting 13 episodes.  If memory serves, I don’t think they even aired all 13.  But some of the best figures came out because of these shows.  This is the only remaining figure I have… but I am looking to get the others.  Cosmic Surfer and Pip the Troll.  While it is cool to see Pip in figure form neither figure is the classic characters so they aren’t all that exciting.  I still love the packaging though!

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IMG_0561 (2)