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Hulk Guest Shots: Volume 17 – Thunderbolts #34

CCI05032017 (2)

This series easily had one of the best beginnings to any other series ever!  The reveal that the new heroes – to replace the missing heroes (who got their start in a little mag called The Incredible Hulk!) weren’t actually heroes at all but a group of super villains!  Absolutely brilliant!  Of course, where do you take the series from there?  Well, Marvel carried on by trying to make these villains actually heroes.

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They began in the pages of the Hulk and when the Hulk returned to the group it was being led by Hawkeye.  Yes, that Hawkeye – the same one who had currently shot and killed the Hulk with one of his stupid arrows here, in this issue saves his life.  Only after he promised the world that his new team would bring the Hulk to justice.

CCI05032017_0002 (2)

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname YES!
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” No

Of course, nothing goes according to plan, which it rarely does when concerning the Hulk, and the team cannot contain the jade behemoth.  The last bit with Hawkeye grazing Banner with an arrow to save his life has a tinge of irony to it that is both laughable and sad.

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