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When You Realize You’re Wrong but You Keep Fighting Anyways…


Marvel has released a few more teaser photos of the upcoming Wolverhulk.  Check them out!  I hope this is good and not just some Jeph Loebian crap they have thrown against the wall like the Red Hulk.  Fingers crossed!


Funko Mystery Minis – Video Game Figures (2016)

IMG_0529 (2)

Yes, these figures were technically in mystery packages but they weren’t much of a mystery.  If you bought the packages marked with Pac- Man you were going to get one of four figures.  Pac-Man, Ms. Pacman, Pinky or Blinky.  I refuse to call them anything other than that – there’s only one “Speedy” and he wears a hat and has a tail.

IMG_0528 (2)

These figures came out at the perfect time – after the classic NES was released and re-ignited my love for classic video games!  I left the Dig Dug and Centipede figures on the shelf but made sure to grab all of the Pac-Man related figures as well as Q-Bert.  I still never beat Q-Bert – it was, in my opinion, one of the harder but more enjoyable games.  I never see it anymore either.  It’s too bad.  Every time Q-Bert died he swore – just as I imagine I would.

IMG_0530 (2)