Great Read

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Click the image and read this article that tackles the dwindling readership that Marvel is facing.  Much of it I agree with it – and hopefully Marvel truly changes their ways.

3 responses to “Great Read

  1. Link isn’t working. But I have cancelled all my subscriptions about 5 months ago. I’m fine with the art and ok on cover prices, but the plot lines are a bad soap opera. And all these damn reboots just pissed me off! And there only one Hulk and it’s never going to be anyone but Banner.

  2. I agree with a lot of what this article says. Marvel really has lost it …. scattered.

    As far as comic books being too pricey, c’mon ! Get over it, stop buying cigarettes or whatever and get away from the television and computer…how much do we pay for video entertainment?. I will always pay for good printed literature and art not on some screen. If there was something out there worth paying $5, $15, $30 … a month for that is.

    I wouldn’t pay a quarter for what is printed by Marvel these days.

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