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Hulk Guest Shots Vol. 18 – Wild Thing #0

CCI05032017_0005 (2)

Given away with copies of Wizard, Wild Thing is a product of Wolverine and Elektra – let that sink in for a minute.  Man, she must be so hairy!  Anyways, Rina – or Wild Thing – has psychic claws that cannot actually cut or tear.  I know what you’re thinking: What they hell good are they?  Apparently, not much.  They do little to the Hulk when she encounters him in the Canadian woods.

Also, it looks as though Jeph Loeb wasn’t the first to use the horrible idea of a thousand Wendigos crawling all over the forest.  At least this time they give somewhat of an excuse for how this event occurred.  This curse effected an entire boy scout troop and they come face to face with the likes of the Hulk, Wolverine and his little girl Wild Thing.

CCI05032017_0006 (2)

Thankfully, Strange comes to the rescue to restore the boys back to their human form but not before the Hulk knocks the hell out of one of them.  It’s funnier when you remember he just punched a kid most likely still in Elementary School.

Thunder Clap No
Mind Control No
Funny Nickname No
Hero vs. Hero YES!
“Hulk Smash!” No

It’s no wonder why this series didn’t even survive 6 issues but it’s funny going through the old 90’s comics and seeing the Marvel now retreading to what they created 20 years before.  Things have gone better than they did back in 1999.