So… This is Happening…


I was hoping when the Hulk (the real Hulk) came back we might get some normalcy to the MU – but apparently, no.  Dale Keown just released this image in his FB page titled “Bruce Banner Hulk and Totally Awesome Hulk #1” which means this is a real thing happening.  I can’t express how disappointing that is.  TAHulk sells about 16,000 units a month – a semi-successful comic needs to move about 30,000-40,000 units a month.  It should be ovoids to anyone with a brain that this little experiment did not work and just return the one true Hulk to greatness – but Marvel will instead continue to shove this unwelcome doppelgänger in our faces month after a month.  I have not purchased a Hulk comic in years – that trend may continue.


2 responses to “So… This is Happening…

  1. Agreed. I’ve been using this time to discover and read older Hulk comics I’ve missed. I do read the new She Hulk series but they are so dull!
    They need to ditch this new hulk or at least give us back Bruce or some other new Hulk that actually lives up to the name. Till then Marvel is just helping me save some money.

  2. You’re right, they are shoving absolute nonsensical crap in our faces. No reason for me to read. No reason for me to care. There was no real sensible reason to create the TA Hulk anyways, just as much as it was stupid to create the Ross Red Hulk. I probably differ from most readers in that deep down I am against any other gamma powered creation that has been, including the Leader, Abomination, Doc Samson and She-Hulk. Just as i have disdain for all the Thors, Iron people, Things, Spider people, Mutants, Super and Bat people apart from the originals so I will, of course, pass on this new Marvel event debacle.

    I am all with you in that I miss the days of anticipation for the next comic book release of some interesting, original storyline with the original Hulk as the centerpiece. Marvel/ Disney just ruins everything.

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