Here is the Obvious


Rumors have been swirling for months about a BAF Gladiator Hulk for the Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends line. Well, Marvel finally announced what everyone already knew:


That’s right!  Marvel’s worst kept secret is finally out – Gladiator Hulk will be the BAF for the line!  Totally didn’t see that coming!  It does look awesome though!


3 responses to “Here is the Obvious

  1. Wow, $120 dollars for this Hulk figure! Most of the other figures in the line I really don’t care for. What a shame that We just didn’t get a Planet Hulk movie or a Hulk film in general. Marvel studios have completely Muck up Hulk on film. 6 Spidey films already n only 2 Hulk films………horrible!

  2. well, to be fair, you will most likely be able to find this Hulk on eBay for cheaper

  3. These figures are legit !

    The Hulk looks amazin !

    Saw on the other Thor figure what looks like lightning ….. wow, to see Thor make use of lightning without Mjolnir will be rad.

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