Gladiator Hulk Hands (2017)

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I have to be honest, as much as I wanted to look forward to a new set of Hulk hands all I could think about is how they would screw them up this time.  2003 gave us the first (historic) set of Hulk hands.  For a very reasonable $20 you could get a huge set of green, roaring Hulk hands that were also soft enough you could slam them into your best friends face and they wouldn’t even lose a tooth.

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Over the years the Hulk hands have gotten smaller, lost the sound aspect and even changed to cloth for a small while.  Of course, they’ve also gotten more expensive.  What can be said about the newest Hulk fists?  Well, the good news is that they are fists!  The last version was open handed Hulk hands – which was a refreshing change – but I am glad the fists are back.

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The sound effects are back as well.  You can create the sounds by motion or by pressing a button to create the Hulk growling sounds.  Honestly, these are a step up from the Hulk hands – but only slightly.  The gladiator motif makes them different enough that they are not a simple retread (like the Avengers 1 & 2 hands were) but the $30 price tag should certainly makes you pause before purchase.  Overall, I have a complete set of Hulk (and Hulk villain) hands so I’m glad to get these but I can’t go as far as to say I recommend buying a pair.

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2 thoughts on “Gladiator Hulk Hands (2017)

  1. I passed on these myself due to the cost and not feeling like I needed them since I didn’t buy either the open hands (you can’t smash with with and open hand, maybe a pimp slap but no good smashing) and the video game set because the were pricey. Nice to be off the completist tip and direct that money toward other gamma goodness. I also passed on the mask because it didn’t have the white battle paint. These do look cool and the sound is nice – I might snap up a pair if I run into them on clearance down the road

    1. I know what you mean – I was bummed about the mask too because of the war paint – I will be posting that soon. Overall, I am psyched to have the whole collection of hands including
      – Original
      – Incredible Hulk Movie
      – Avengers
      – Avengers 2
      – Open Hands
      – Abomination
      – Hulkbuster
      – Red Hulk
      – Gladiator Hulk.

      It would have been easy to pass these up if I didn’t already own all the others – but I actually love the different kinds of fists that they’ve created over the years.

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