Funko Thursday!

IMG_0626 (2)

The tradition of Non-Hulk Thursday continues today as I show off a few Funko collectibles.  There is no doubt Funko has become a juggernaut in the toy and collectible space and my theory is that they purchased every conceivable license out there so that they could dominate the market place.  How else can you explain the explosion of such a unique and fast growing company.  If you collect ANYTHING at all to do with pop culture than odds are you have a Pop or Dorbz or even a Mystery Mini in your collection.  While I have most of the Hulk offerings I also picked up a few extras.  I nabbed a He-Man and Skeletor Dorbz because, growing up, there was nothing better than settling down to watch an episode of MOTU.

IMG_0627 (2)

IMG_0628 (2)

I also snagged a Ms Pac-Man (a superior game to the original Pac-Man) as this was a gae that has endeared itself to me even to this day.  I have to tell you, I am still in shock at just how far Funko’s grasp extends.  It is truly one of the most impressive companies, just in sheer scope, that has come down the pike.

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