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Hulk Smash Tsum Tsum (2017)

IMG_0698 (2)

Just when you thought you had all the different colored and shaped Tsum Tsums they go ahead and release a special Hulk inside a display case.  This Hulk is a little worse for the wear though as it seems he has been through a rough night.  Who knows what this roly-poly, little, oblong character has been up to.

IMG_0699 (2)

IMG_0700 (2)

The original offered a cleaner version whereas this Hulk still has tatters of a shirt left but his classic purple pants are ripped and he shows a few scars on his face.  Is it worth the price to pick up this exclusive little guy?  Well, I thought so – but I’m an absolute nut, so… Maybe check out eBay to see if you can snag him for just a few bucks.

IMG_0701 (2)

IMG_0703 (2)