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Thor: Ragnarok Pop Figures (2017)

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It seems as though even retailers know that the best part of the new Thor movie will be Hulk’s presence.  Almost every retailer has looked to the Gladiator Hulk as a variant to have in their stores.  The original Pop is cool enough with his massive helmet and large hammer type weapon – and easily available, although I hardly ever see it on the shelves!  It does not sit like the other figures from this series do.  But some of the variants available are from WalMart and Toys R Us.

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While it was a pretty easy variant I’m still glad they chose to do a Gladiator Hulk without helmet.  As an extra bonus they also have switched out his Hammer for an axe.  WalMart exclusives are pretty touch and go.  They are either abundant and in every store or the shelves are barren and you can’t find them anywhere.  The only real lucky turn was that the superstore also made this exclusive available on their website.  Go and order 1 or 2.

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A Variant I was super surprised about was getting a Bruce Banner Pop – but thanks to Toys R Us we now have one!  Sure, it’s not perfect – it is a movie version rather than a comic version – but sometimes we take what we can get!  This exclusive was also available on the website but should not be too hard to find in stores as well.

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The only one I am missing – and easily the hardest Pop to obtain – will be the NYCC Exclusive Hulk Pop. Instead of the Gladiator get-up the Hulk is in the Ultimate Hulk rags – necklaces and all.  It’s super cool looking but good luck in snagging one before all the scalpers do.  Look for it to go for a pretty penny on the bay!