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Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Softs (2017)

IMG_0797 (2)

I am really trying to post all the Thor: Ragnarok stuff I’ve added to the collection – something I was trying to accomplish last week but I ended up getting really busy.  Anyways, the plushes released for the movie are pretty fun.  One, released by Funko (above) is everything you’ve come to expect from the company.  The other (below) is a slam and make noise kind of soft.  Both are equally cute – and obviously both agree that the Hulk is nose-less.  That’s not the facts I come away with after seeing the movie twice – but maybe the executives were shown an early cut?

IMG_0782 (2)

IMG_0783 (2)

Either way it’s still an amazing thing that we get Planet Hulk softs!  Never did I think we’d see the day when we would see a mass produced Hulk plush in his gladiator garb!  Now we have two!  Both are worth picking up too – but if you’re just going to just choose one then I would say pick the noisy one.  It may not be as accurate as the Funko one but it looks better made.  Funko softs look as though they would fall apart if given some love from a child.

IMG_0784 (2)

Funko made their helmet with actual fuzzy “feathers” which is vastly superior to the other soft that doesn’t even color the headdress correctly!  Still, the eyes and patched on shoulder pad and overall look of the Marvel one takes the cake for me.  What do you guys think?  Did anyone out there pick either or both of these up?

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