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Catching Up With… Thor: Ragnarok!


I usually just review the comics I’m reading but why not share my thoughts on the latest Marvel blockbuster gracing the screens right now?  A little setting of the scene here: I refused to watch any trailers (other than anything shown in a theater before a movie), I did not read any articles or click on updates and leaked news or scenes – I like to go into movies like this completely fresh.  I have found it makes my viewing sessions a lot more pleasurable.  So, other than knowing that the Hulk fights Thor is an arena battle scene (a la Planet Hulk), and that Hela is the big bad, I knew nothing of the story.

I also learned a little too late that my theater was 1 of 2 theaters in MA that was having a Hulk premiere event, handing out collectible Ragnarok cups and coins.  I was bummed I did not learn this earlier as I would have gone to the earlier show… as it was I ended going to the 10:00pm show – the last show of the evening.  Just my luck though, when walking through the doors I asked the man behind the counter if there was anything left over from the premiere event and he smiled and said “You want some free stuff?  I’ll get you from free stuff!”  He came back with a coin – one that I will post tomorrow – but you’ve most likely seen on the web already.  It features a Thor helmet on one side and a Hulk helmet on the other.  I was glad to get anything – even if the cups were all gone I still had the coin I could go home with!

Now, I’m probably going to speak freely about the movie so if you don’t want to know anything about it or have yet to see it you should probably not read any further.  I will say this – I’m not going to give any real plot points away or the ending – just my thoughts on the character portrayals themselves.  Let’s start with Thor.

Thor: I really liked how they handled Thor in this movie!  They made him a lot more powerful and finally gave the character some depth – something two solo movies and two group Avenger movies had yet to do.  Hemsworth really seemed to enjoy playing Thor this time around and I think it effected the movie in a positive way.  That being said:

Humor: Something that has been said over and over on the various chat rooms is that Thor: Ragnarok has a lot more humor in it than earlier installments.  While that is true the debate is really on if it makes the movie more enjoyable or not.  Now, I have seen the movie twice already.  My first viewing I felt all the laughs were more of a distraction than adding to the movie’s overall experience.  A second viewing had me feeling a bit differently though… it really did not bother me too much at all.  I was looking forward to certain scenes

Hela: She pretty much makes this whole movie!  Cate Blanchett is both sexy and scary as hell and poses a real threat that makes you wonder how the heroes will defeat.

Valkyrie: I did not like the actor chosen for the part nor did I like the way she portrayed the Valkyrie.  A warrior turned slave trader?  That was too much of a stretch for me.  Especially when she learns who Thor is – how she could go from fighting on the side of Asgard to imprisoning and selling beings to be killed for sport is absolutely beyond me.

Hulk: Speaking of characters that Thor: Ragnarok got wrong – Hulk was a HUGE disappointment!  All they needed to do was add in one little piece of the Planet Hulk lore to make things right – but the neglect to add it in pretty much ruined the Hulk inclusion for me.  That piece?  The obedience disc.  In the movie the Hulk doesn’t have one!  That means Hulk has been on Sakaar, beating and killing alien beings for sport – and doing so of his own free will.  That certainly contrasts the image they have been portraying in the movies and in the comics for years.  That they Hulk would take innocent lives – and do so happily – was too much of an insult for me to ignore.  Otherwise, the Hulk/Thor dynamic was played off fantastically.

Korg: Ugh.  Talk about missing the mark on another Planet Hulk character.  Korg might’ve been a bigger disappointment than the lack of an obedience disc!  Korg is treated as a clueless buffoon of sorts.  A simple prop for comedic effect and therefore not to be taken seriously at all.  His “matter of fact” delivery gets old real quick and his aloofness is grating at best.

With all of that being said believe it or not I really did like the movie.  I didn’t love it – but I did like it.  I would recommend seeing it – it’s really good.  But it’s not great and it misses the mark on some essential and even not essential characters.  Other great additions I didn’t mention was Skurge, Loki and Miek.  All which were just fine.  I was a but bummed that the Warrior’s Three were dispatched so easily but hey, at least Heimdall was back kicking ass!

So, what did you guys think?  Anyone feel the way I did?  Anyone look past it and just enjoy the ride – or did you hate it?  Let me know in the comments!