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Hulk Transformations Tsum Tsum – and a King Hulk! (2017)

IMG_0845 (2)

It’s a rarity that I walk into a store and see a Hulk related piece that I wasn’t at least somewhat aware of.  Well it happened 3 weeks ago when I stumbled across this Tsum Tsum pack!  That’s right – we get a full transformation Hulk from small, adorable Banner to the large and in charge Hulk!  The big Hulk Tsum Tsum is the same little figure we were delivered the first time the green Hulk came to a peg near us – and while it’s completely fine I wish they did give us a little change.  There are more Tsum Tsums related to the Hulk than I even care to remember – with this addition it brings us to this list:

  • Large Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Small Grey
  • Large Green
  • Large “Smash” Green
  • Medium Green
  • Medium “Transformation” Green
  • Small Green
  • Small Banner

IMG_0849 (2)

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!  What’s that with the large Hulk?  While combing through the other packages I snagged another little beauty!  That’s right folks – a King Hulk!

IMG_0847 (2)

Straight from the pages of World War Hulk we are handed a King Hulk Tsum Tsum to beat all the other oblong little puffy heroes with!  No one is stronger then little, puffy oblong Hulk!  No one!

I have heard there is a gold version out there  – and yes, I know there is a few Red Hulks and She Hulks out there – but the list was for the Banner Hulks released.

IMG_0848 (2)