Daily Archives: December 7, 2017

Thundercats Dorbz 3-Pack (2017)


I think the Dorbz maybe more fun to collect than Pops.  Hear me out – for one, Dorbz don’t have to be bobble heads.  I’m not sure how exactly they get away with this – especially since Pop figures cannot – but it’s what makes me like the Dorbz that much more.  Granted, Dorbz don’t have the spread that Pops so – or the sales – but it’s a shame.  To me they can make Dorbz way more exciting than Pop figures.

Of course, I sort of wish they went with Panthro or Cheetara rather than Snarf but I am psyched they included Mumm-ra – I just hope they release a before version.  You know, the Mumm-ra all decrepit and wrapped in bandages.  The villain that you’d feel bad beating up because it’s like punching your grandfather.