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Walgreen’s Exclusive Mini-Mates (2017)

IMG_0785 (2)

It almost seems as if they are just putting the Hulk name on things just to make it different and still sell.  I do love me some mini-mates – and if they were bigger and came in a 6″ line I think they would be the rival to Marvel Legends.  They have created some of the most obscure and at the same time classic Marvel moments and characters!  Here we have two sets starting with the Abomination.  Granted this is not the first Abomination that they have created – heck, it’s not even their second!  This is the third time we’ve been served up with Emil – only this time it seems to be a more modern version?

IMG_0786 (2)

I prefer the classic edition that was offered first – with the separate eyebrow/ear piece that rocked!  This isn’t too bad but really reminds me more of the Spider-Man villain Jackal.  But they want to call it Abomination, probably just to sucker me out of my hard earned cash!  And, damnit… it worked!  They also paired him up with Vision which makes about as much sense as bellbottoms.  The other set is Spider-Girl and Carnage Hulk.  Carnage Hulk?  Did I miss something?  I don’t remember this at all!  It’s just another ploy to get me to pony up some dough for another Hulk related piece that isn’t at all Hulk related!  Well, I’m not going to fall for it this… wait.  Nevermind.  I already bought the dang thing…

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