Marvel Legends Man Thing BAF (2017)

IMG_0747 (2)

There is something real exciting when you see that the new Build-A-Figure will be something you are interested in getting.  Most of the recent BAF characters have been home runs for me; The Rhino, Absorbing Man, Onslaught, Juggernaut… they’ve all been characters worthy of collecting all of the pieces to create the large figure!  I’m certainly not saying EVERY BAF has been worth it.  Mantis was a questionable choice for the Guardians Volume 2 BAF – but the Gladiator Hulk was an easy choice!

IMG_0748 (2)

When the Netflix series was announced there was a lot of speculation on who the figure would be.  When it was announced to be Man-Thing I was one of the many people who squealed with delight!  I liked the original ML Man-Thing but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that its poseability and some of the sculpting choices were not ideal.  It was way too skinny for starters – and the joints didn’t really stay put.  Now, this new figure is a whole new ball game!

IMG_0749 (2)

Well, some will still argue the first is the best – but I am in the newer is better camp!  The face sculpt is far superior – especially the eyebrow, tendril combo going on – what is that exactly?  The paint application could certainly be better – the whole body is sort of greenish/yellow without much else to break it up.  The mushrooms could’ve been colored a different shade – as well as the vines wrapping around his entire body – but overall, it’s a small complaint.  The bulk of the figure is where this piece really shines!  The solid red eyes don’t hurt either!  There is so much they could have done with this figure but there is a lot more to love!  The entire line is really solid without many duds to see so it may be worth it to pick up the whole line – but either way, this figure is worth the pick up!

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