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Metal Anti Venom (2017)

IMG_0907 (2)

I really hope Toys R Us pulls out of this bankruptcy and comes back strong.  I always enjoyed my time working for the corporation, even if their choices as of late were met with scrutiny from all sorts of employees, but it would be a shame because TRU has given us some of the more exciting exclusives over the years.  The Marvel Legends Phoenix/Cyclops 2-pack and the Evolution of Groot, the Bruce Banner Pop and this, the Anti-Venom metal figure are all pretty impressive.

IMG_0908 (2)

Anti-Venom is a character I’ll admit I don’t know much about – while I love Venom and have yet to read much on Anti-Venom the character sill looks really cool – especially here with his blood red tongue pouring out of his mouth and his black teeth.  These figures are so heavy and sculpted well – the only thing missing is articulation.  But they are meant to be more like mini statues.

IMG_0909 (2)