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Marvel Legends/Universe Spider-Man 2099

IMG_0888 (2)

IMG_0656 (2)I’m glad that Miguel O’Hara had a second (and third, technically) series – and I’m even more excited that it was Peter David hired to tell his stories once again. Peter David wrote the original 46 issues of the first series and they had him continue his exploits (a mere 18 years later!) in the new series.  I always thought Miguel was a complex and entertaining character.  This is one of the few characters where I have every issue of his appearances.

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I don’t think they will ever do better than his original costume but the new threads weren’t so bad either.  I am in the camp of “new costume designs don’t make the book more exciting”.  I remember years ago when Spawn’s costume was redesigned and I laughed as it seemed like such a silly way to pump up readers.  This costume is pretty similar to the original – but I am a fan of the darker colored suit.

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