Gamma Bros Unite!


We in the Hulk community are a rare breed – it’s not everyday where you meet collectors who are not only supportive of each other and their collections – but also super sweet guys who just want every fan get what they want!  Sometimes collectors want to be the sole owner of rare pieces no one else will ever get – but most of the Hulk collectors I encounter are great guys who look out for each other.

Such is the case with the 2 guys in the above photo.  Steve and Dave run 2 other Hulk blogs that just crush it in displaying their Hulk merch while informing fans of what’s out there or coming out!  Check out the sites

Jade Giant

Joe Fixit

Thanks to these two great gentlemen we are always able to stay afloat of everything green and great – to boot, they are super nice guys as well who I hope to meet someday!  Of course, I may be the odd man out as I don’t have a personalized license plate… yet!

One response to “Gamma Bros Unite!

  1. Thanks Ryan, we gammabros do tend to stick together and look out for each other. We do need to get together and Hulk out! Go order that plate!

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