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Hikari Japanese Vinyl Hulk (2017)

IMG_0972 (2)

You know, there are times when you see Hulk products and you just shake your head and think “who would buy that?”  Of course – when said product is offered at a steep discount what are your choices, really?  Of course you have to buy it! Amirite? This happened a while back with the Koto Hulk statue from the 2008 movie.  It was retailing for $175 and my comic shop, thinking they had a slam dunk, ordered one.  They thought once I saw it I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and snag it right up.  That didn’t happen and the statue cluttered their shelves for 6 months before they had no choice but to cut their losses and offer it up for 65% off.  In fact, read the whole story here.

IMG_0975 (2)

What does that have to do with this oddly shaped, hollow, oblong monstrosity? Well, I had the same reaction when I first saw this thing hit the stores.  I thought it was silly looking to say the least.  To be fair, I had seen the glitter version – the metallic version that is pictured doesn’t look nearly as horrendous.  Also, the added bonus, this is one of the rarer pieces with an edition size of 750.  Most of these figures range more between 1000-3000 pieces.  Over the Christmas season Entertainment Earth put up a few Hulk items at crazy low prices and this, usually selling at $80, was just $10.  How could you say no?  Even if it is ugly it’s totally $10 worth of ugly!  So, always keep your peepers open Hulkafiles because every once in a while we get a chance to own previously reviled Hulk merchandise for a song!

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