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February Hulk Variants – Week 1!

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I was really hoping to do this sooner but time sometimes slips away from you!  Anyways, this week begins Hulk variant month!  With most of the titles offering a Hulk themed variant cover it can get to be kind of pricey!  Fortunately, what you get in return is some amazing cover art of our favorite jade jaws!  The real treat is getting some Hulk love when we haven’t had any for such a long time!  Since the real Hulk is still MIA in the comics (even though I know he will be arriving soon in Avengers: No Surrender) it’s a suitable alternative to getting some real Hulk stories!

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My LCS was able to get all but the Avengers variant – but luckily I was able to snag a copy at a different store the following day.  Below are the grades I give each of the variants.  Some are definitely better than others – but honestly, they are all pretty amazing!

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Daredevil #598 (2018)

Hulk vs Red Hulk by Marco Checchetto

Grade: C+
Venom #161 (2018)

Hulk with Mjolnir by Ron Lim

Grade: B+
The Amazing Spider-Man #795 (2018)

Tiny Hulk by Dale Keown

Grade: A
X-Men Gold #21 (2018)

Hulk vs Abomination by Adi Granov

Grade: A-
Rouge and Gambit #2 (2018)

Hulk with Statues by Mike McKone

Grade: B-
Avengers #679 (2018)

Original Avengers by Ramon Perez

Grade: B-

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