In Case You Missed It…

CCI02112018 (2)

It’s been known for a while that the latest Avengers book – No Surrender – will “spark” the return of the original (and only) Hulk!  The storyline is 5 issues in and we now know that the Grandmaster is playing one of his famous “games” pitting heroes vs villains.  This time he’s playing against another Elder of the Universe – one that the Grandmaster himself betrayed all those years ago.  Of course, the Avengers have tied things up in the game and while everyone knew they would the Grandmaster’s foe has a trick up his sleeve.  And then this scene ends the book:

CCI02112018_0001 (2)

I’m pretty sure that little spark marks the return of our favorite Jade Giant.  While it’s been far too long without him I still won’t be happy until the imposter is taken out of his self titles book.


4 responses to “In Case You Missed It…

  1. My guess is that it’s the original Maestro hiding in there. I’m sure you remember him being buried under a landslide after a fight with the Hulk using the Destroyer armor…with a little help from his trolls. Who better understands rage then the Maestro?

    • I would take the Maestro at this point! Hopefully we’ll get an answer soon! This story is running at a snail’s pace…

      • Or, it could be the Leader or Banners AI trying to resurrect Banner. The Leader did own the Panthenon at some point. There’s a connection there. But yes, snails pace is whet they’re good at. Slowly rubbing salt in our wounds…

  2. Long Live Hulk! Death to the impostor!!

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