Catching Up With 2.14.18


I am catching up with the titles on what I pick up off the new release rack. What am I reading? Below are the current titles I still purchase with a quick synopsis and rating:

The Incredible Hulk – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Land
Current Issue – #712
Will Amadeus Cho release the monster or will he keep on smirking his way through the most uninteresting book on the shelves?  What tries to capitalize on the Hulk/Thor rivalry of Thor: Ragnarok and at the same time tries to give us the “Silver Savage” moment of their own, Odinson pairs off against Cho.  With everyone begging for Cho to let the Hulk out we think we may finally see this Hulk really let loose only to be let down once again with Cho staying in control and doing the predictable.

So Far: C-

Venom – $3.99
W: Costa / A: Garron
Current Issue – #161
Venom Inc. didn’t make much sense when all was said and done.  What started off as sort of interesting turned like a dime with the final issue where Flash, Brock Parker and Hardy all take down a overly large Price symbiote.  Liked the premise and liked the ride – until the letdown of an ending.

#161 was a stand alone issue with Spiderwoman being conviced that Venom is on the right side of the fight this time.  I love that we actually get self contained stories!  I missed them so much!  The issue was decent.  Still worth the pick up.

So far: B

Weapon X – $3.99
W: Pak / A: Cinar
Current Issue – #13
The crew, fighting off a drugged up horde of super soldiers, has a new ally – the original Nuke.  Most of the crew is against the psychotic member – and for good reason.  Ultimately, the crew has to decide whether or not to fight a losing battle or dope up with a chance to fight their way out!

So far: B+

Thanos – $3.99
W: Cates / A: Shaw
Current Issue – #15
I am so torn between my love for this series and the way they treat the Hulk.  The reveal of who the new Ghost Rider is was definitely a surprise and only a slightly better surprise was who Thanos has to bettle next!

So far: A+

Batman: White Knight – $3.99
W: Murphy / A: Murphy
Current Issue – #5
Batman done and messed up real good!  Now he’s a wanted criminal!  With Wayne the only person around convinced the Joker is still a threat he has taken it upon himself to go against his whole family and those who have believed in him over the years and take him out.  Of course, that lands our caped crusader into really hot water as Gordon puts out a warrant for his arrest!

So far: A+

She-Hulk – $3.99
W: Tamaki / A: Lindsay
Current Issue – #162
When your entire book hinges on a simple gimmick without a plan to execute you get garbage like the 2008 Red Hulk series and this one right here.  ”

Jen Walters is back! But this time… Grey! Why? Who knows! Is she going to revert back to Jen Walters in the day and Hulk out at night like the original grey Hulk?  No?  Are you going to explain why she has had this color change?  No?  Great!  We love it!”

The “House of Ideas” has fallen on sad, sad times.  This series is a perfect representation on what is wrong with Marvel books these days.

So far: D

Marvel Two-in-One – $3.99
W: Zdarsky / A: Cheung
Current Issue – #2
The new Two in One series is off to a great start with Thing and Human Torch looking for the rest of the FF.  Infamous Iron Man comes in to goad and prod Grimm and it’s classic and hilarious.  With only 2 issues in I look forward to reading what comes next and seeing the classic Thing and Johnny Storm back again!

Issue: B+

Spirits of Vengeance – $3.99
W:Gischler / A: Baldeon
Current Issue – #5
This mini-series was totally worth every penny!  I wish people would read great comics like this so we would get more!  Ghost Rider as a main character doesn’t interest me much – but as one part of a team he’s so much more interesting.  Santanna, Hellstorm and Blade all add a genuinely interesting and enjoyable piece to the ensemble where the quartet stops a catastrophic event that would lead to the destruction of the world.  Even with a heavy handed plot like that the issues were action packed and entertaining as heck!

Final Issue: B+  Series: A

Bane Conquest – $3.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #9 (of 12)
Bane keeps his enemies close and his other enemies even closer as he abducts babies and upsets Kobra – and underworld society that wants to bring Bane down. With only 4 issues left this series has been a thrill a minute. You don’t want Bane for an enemy, or a comrade, because you should always know – Bane is out to come out on top!

So Far: B

Papergirls – $2.99
W:Dixon / A: Nolan, Wright
Current Issue – #20
The only Image title I read is also one of the best! At least in my opinion. Four girls trying to avoid people from the future as they time travel and meet their future selves. This series is so full of twists and gratifying, shock endings that reading this book is treat every month!

So Far: B

Anyways, what are you guys reading? Are you reading any of the same titles? What do you think?


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