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Large Metroid Figure (2017)

IMG_1015 (2)

I’m still not sure why it took so long for a 3D figure of these creatures to come out but either way – I’m so glad they finally did!  Metroid is an amazing game that Nintendo brought out in the 90’s.  Samus, landing on an alien planet, had to survive this hostile environment, collecting new life and an arsenal of missiles, until the final stage.  The final world didn’t have many new creatures – but what it did have was super dangerous and not easily killed.  There were tiny cheerios that might’ve been easy to kill – but with so many of them it’s easier to just run away.

IMG_1016 (2)

The metroids were another animal all together.  They would clutch on to you and begin sucking the life power out of you!  The only way to get them off was to use your power ball bombs!  You had to freeze these suckers and then use your missiles just to destroy them.  Such an awesome game and wonderful childhood memories of the hours it took to defeat this game.

IMG_1017 (2)