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Marvel Collector Cops Hulk Box Odds and Ends (2017)

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I haven’t shown off everything from the MCC Hulk box yet.  The box was really one of the best surprises I have gotten from this little club.  While the service hasn’t exactly always wowed with their content I do love the little “extras” that this box held.  While I don’t think the box itself is ever something to crow about I will say that the images plastered on the inside of the box does give me (or any Hulk fan) a warm feeling inside!

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Pretty much every classic artist who made the Hulk the character he is today is represented in this box! Buscema, Kirby, Byrne and others have images

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There was no Hulk pin this time around – which I know some people will complain about – but the inclusion of a patch with a classic Buscema looking Hulk is just plain awesome!  I am unsure of what people do with patches these days – back in my day I would take out my jean jacket and affix it to the back.  No one was cooler than a highly decorated denim coat.  I don’t think I even know where my old jean jacket is nowadays…

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The shirts have always had a Funko Pop theme to them – some of the better shirts avoid that pitfall though – and this “evolution” transformation shirt doesn’t follow the trend and it’s all the better for it.  You can’t deny the pure awesomeness that this shirt displays.  Even the mid-transformation Banners look expressive and cool!  The black background with the light neon green letters is absolutely perfect!  Anyone Hulk collector that missed out on this box will most likely be kicking themselves for years to come!

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