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February Hulk Variants – Week 2

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Another round of Hulk variants came soaring into our stores this week.  I did not get a copy of the Old Man Hawkeye at my LCS but I have one waiting for me elsewhere.  I will grade it but I don’t have it to show off.  You’ll have to google the image to check it out!  Overall, another solid set of variants with just a few exceptions.  I love homage art – but I think the Deadpool cover falls short artistically.  Just my opinion – others may really like it.  The most solid addition is, of course, Deodato’s Maestro cover!  It is a thing of beauty!

IMG_1053 (2)

Old Man Logan #35 (2018)

Future Hulk and Banner by Steve McNiven

Grade: B+
Old Man Hawkeye #2 (2018)
*Not Pictured

Hulk, Bruce and Betty by Terry Dodson

Grade: B+
Doctor Strange #385 (2018)

Maestro by Mike Deodato Jr

Grade: A
Despicable Deadpool #294 (2018)

Grey Hulk by Daniel Warren Johnson

Grade: C-
Marvel 2 in 1 #3 (2018)

Hulk vs Thing by Mike Hawthorne and Nolan Woodard

Grade: A
Captain America #698 (2018)

Hulk and Jarella by Bilquis Evely

Grade: C

IMG_1054 (2)